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How can a Brand Developer help you
as an external consultant?

Who I am, who are we?

What we do?

What can be achieved through cooperating a brand developer?

How can I support your company, your ideas to reach a fruitful future?

Cooperation with us help you to integrate your services, products into a successful premium brand. We are ready to develope an ideal brand name, the brand strategy moreover the product range through the development of product architecture. Simply we can develope a clear plan which is aiming to evolve market position of the brand, defining to road to success. The plan will also lead your collegues trough milestones to reach the planned success.

Necessary to mention that we are acting as an objective spectator in every project. Furthermore we are the outsider spectaculars whom can explore market opportunities, sales and marketing channels which have left undiscovered, but have importance in the success of the brand.

We always work on to develope our professional knowledge, to be up-to-date to serve our clients prominently.

Brand building is a dynamically developing profession where we not just following trends, but we are applying little known, unaccustomed and unique solutions into our services.

Main activities:


Who am I?

I'm active on the field of brand development and management from 1997 by keeping up close connection with SMBs from Hungary and multinational companies. I'm searching answers what drives a brand for success and why a brand going to be a well performing one.

Theoretical approach

Through my studies I found several explanations for the brand. Here I quote some of them:

  • Bauer and Beracs (Hungarian economists) : Brand is a totality of symbols, the task is to correlate a producer, a dealer with products and services by differentiating them from others.
  • American Marketing Association (Kotler): A brand can be a name, a sign, a symbol, a design or any of their combination used to differantiate products and services between group of vendors on the market.
  • Alex Center (Coca-Cola) was mentioned in one of his presentation : "We are building love, not brand"

Practical approach

Assuming the previously mentioned explanations my point is that if a "thing" have figure, personalise and transmit emotions than it is a person, a personality. That is why we are not building brands. We achieve sypathy of a specific market segment through personalities we buils together with messages and visuals. Assuming, we need a properly developed personality for the brand to achive goals on market. It means that the key for a good and well performing brand lies in the definition of proper selection of personality attributes.

I'm not building brands, I'm building the right personality for your brand, through their names, their messages and visuals.

Work with me


Development process

The listed few steps are used to show how we are thinking, not as a strict route of working. We know that all projects are differs from others that is why we develope the individual plan for every project.

01 Inspection

Our goal is discover the expectatations and defined goals of stakeholders. Moreover we analize the present business model because it takes effect on the attitude and the approach of collegues, clients to the brand. Not incidentally, theese facts are forming mandatory obligations which has to be implemeted to the development of the new brand. Few minor change on present business model can redound the evolution of the brand.

We always evaluate the projects where we are invited to. Please keep in mind that we join only the projects which can be driven to success! Furthermore we have to inform you that brand building is an activity based on a knowledge which is mental influental. That is why we reject all projects where connected to army, to animal cruelty, human trafficking and all morally and publically unacceptable topics and products.

02 Positioning

The goal is to find the right plact to our brand. As we say we have to form our own blue sea in the red ocean.

Discover the market potential, implement the found knowledge and develope a feasible, stabile and reliable plan to brand evolution. Through this plan we define the road to the previously defined profit and success.



03 Personalization

Several attributes can be attached to a brand. Did you know that those attributes are the ones which forms the bonding between customers and the brand?

Researches and statistics prove that interest of people to a brand can motivated by several motivators what can be applied to brand personality.

We define and establish the proper brand personality which resonates best with the target audience. Besides we implement this model to the communications and the visuals.


04 Vision

Defining the vision of the brand means the definition to the success. We also define the market potential

Our goal is to define the potenitials of the market, the opportuinities which drives the brand to the maximal success. Parallely this research will support clear and strict guidelines for employees, leaders about brand and business strategy.

05 Graphical, creative management

Controlling and monitoring the visualization of the developed brand, starting from the logo design, through packaging, advertisements, exhibitions, workwear, dress codes and every creative design. Supporting advices for development of visual emphasys and effects combining with the selection of proper colour combinations - using colour emotions principal -, and advices to achieve the best customer experience.

06 Brand definition - summary, forming a unity

Assuming the brand strategy a brand identity is going to be formed. Answers how the brand can emerge from competitors.

This system defines your company, why is stand for, what makes it unique and especial. On demand we trian your collegues and we support assistance for the system implementation.

07 Marketing and sales

Ready.... Set ..... GO!!!

Now we are ready to introduce your brand, your brand new brand!

After introduction all regulations of brand strategy has to be implemented to the marketing and sales activity!

Don't forget we built your brand's road to success, but you have to drive it there with focusing onto marketing and sales activity!



We hope that you found interesting our website. Please get in touch with us, share your ideas and let's get evolve a new premium brand for your products and services!

Daniel Horvath


Hungary, Budapest

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